Saturday, July 5, 2008

Small Town Fourth of July

We decided in last minute fashion to check out the Rolesville fireworks yesterday. I haven't been to a 4th of July celebration in a while. Fuddy-duddy that I am, I usually think it's not worth the hassle of traffic and crowds. We carpooled with friends and parked far enough away that by the time we got back to the car, getting onto the road was no problem. I just wish I'd had a little warning about the walking part. I wore a new pair of sandles and by the time we reached the festivities, I had a nice blister on my foot.

I asked at the gate if there was a first aid station where I could find a bandaid and was directed to the firetrucks. The firemen had sweet little plastic helmets for the kids and real suits and hats to try, and of course kids and grownups alike were crawling in and out of the fire trucks. They searched bag after bag, diligently tryinng to find a bandaid. They assured me that if I cut my foot off they would be equipped to handle it, but finding a small bandaid for a small blister was a bit of a challenge. Eventually they fixed me up with a bandage and some tape that worked even better than a bandaid would have.

Mother Nature had her own plans for fireworks, and the live music ended early so Rolesville could get the man-made show going before the storm arrived. The cool breeze made us all comfortable physically while we got crinks in our neck staring at the colorful sky, but it also had me wondering where all these people were going to go if the thunder and lightening caught up with us!

I felt like a kid again watching the fireworks. "I love that smell," I was thinking to myself, just as a young man walking by said "I love that smell," outloud. And one really neat oval shaped burst inspired me to share a "That was cool!" with my stepson. Jinx!

We made it back the car, and in fact back to the house for some smaller backyard fireworks, before the storm hit. All in all it was a pretty cool evening.

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