Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost Time for Big Brother!

Yes, summer is here! And my favorite reality show! What's better than the show? BBDish!

I found Caroyln's blog 3 seasons ago, and I'm positively addicted. Last season (yes, the wierd winter season) I broke down and ordered Showtime so I could see the after hours shows, but honestly, they pale in comparison to Carolyn's blog.

I'm not making apologies for my addiction to Big Brother. It's one of (several) shows that my daughter and I really enjoy watching together, and it is definitely the only reality show I'd consider making an appearance myself. Well, maybe not the only one...I've always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune :-)

I guess it helps that summer is so dull on tv. I mean, I like some of the cable stuff--Army Wives is kind of cool. It was last year anyway. I keep thinking it will get better this year. And that new one, In Plain Sight (hope I spelled all that correctly) seems good so far. But mostly I can skip summer tv, and by the time Big Brother airs, I'm ready!

The only problem so far had been that Camille is the only other person I know who pays attention to BB. This year my best friend, Jackie, promises to watch. It will be interesting to have another member of the audience to discuss things with in real life...but I'm sure it won't keep me away from the dish!

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