Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It was HOT! So funny, really. They moved it to June, hoping for cooler weather, and my family was so excited. I told 'em, don't jinx it! June in NC can be just as hot....maybe I jinxed it because sure enough we had 100 degree temps almost the entire time.

So, time for pics...thanks, Penny--I stole them from your myspace!

Samantha Casey - young star! One of the things I love most about Preddyfest is seeing all of the talented youth. She can play the heck out of that fiddle, and sing, too!

Ken & me in the golf cart....

Penny copying me! James signed my shirt a couple of years ago. Actually, I don't think I've ever been to Preddyfest without getting a James King autograph. Love the new gospel cd!

James King performing. Love it!

The campsite.

Daddy & Julie's sweet Shitzu family :-) and below, Daddy & Julie with the golf cart.

Daddy getting a little practice in.

And my favorite pic of all--me and my sistas!

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