Saturday, July 19, 2008

After One Week of BB 10

Funny how quickly things can change in the Big Brother house, and how quickly our impressions change! I still like Jerry, but not as much. And now that Brian got the boot, I kinda feel bad about my earlier distaste for him. The puppet show was hysterical--easily one of my favorite all-time Big Brother moments. Dan...well, he's growing on me a little but I still have a problem with this extreme conservative statements about women. He seems to be genuinely opening up to Steven though and maybe learning a thing or two about tolerance.

Libra and April really rub me the wrong way, but for some reason I'm really liking Keesha, the Hooter's girl.

I'm very proud of myself! I've made it to bed everynight instead of falling asleep on the couch watchin BBAD. Honestly with the excellent work Carolyn does at BBDish, I don't usually watch much of BBAD. I have debated getting the live feeds this year. I'd like to support Carolyn but I'm afraid I would either be so obsessed the rest of my life would be too neglected, or the opposite, I wouldn't have time to really enjoy the feeds.


Carolyn said...

ahem.. i vote you support carolyn.

trust me, the blog really isn't a replacement for the feeds.


Dineane said...

LOL :-) Love ya, Carolyn, but I think I'm gonna drop a tip in that jar instead. If I had the feeds, I know I wouldn't get ANYTHING done!