Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TV Online

I'm hooked on cbs.com. I like it better than regular tv. The commercials are short - 30 secs. And I can organize my own "marathons" of various shows. Currently, I'm about half way through Season One of Perry Mason, and I'm loving it! It just kills me how everyone smokes, constantly!

I first stumbled across tv viewing at CBS when I wanted to see missed episodes of Big Brother. Now I usually catch Survivor the same way. But I'm having the most fun with the old stuff. I find it especially interesting to see the "length" of the shows. The old dramas are always 50-plus minutes - the new ones, barely over 40.

Maybe I'll check out other networks, eventually, but so far the ones I have tried want me to download their own video player. I don't recall doing that at CBS. I think I have a long way to go before running out of material, anyway. I do still have the regular tv, and DVR.

Maybe if I wasn't watching so much I'd be writing - there's a thought!

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