Sunday, November 9, 2008

Haven't Been a Very Good Blogger

I thought this would be easier - especially this sort of "personal" blog, but it seems I'm not writing as much as I used to. I still journal but not daily, and I still hesitate to put many personal reflections "out here" in Internet Land. But how hard would it really be to just throw a little update out here now and then?

We had a pretty decent weekend. We started Saturday morning upgrading cell phones for Ken & Lindsey, and adding a line for Carson (his first). It cost me more than I wanted, but isn't that always how it works? Today I went ahead and ordered upgrades for Camille and myself, too. Camille was going to wait for Christmas but agreed to remember this was her big gift if I went ahead and ordered it now, and I guess I just got jealous that everyone else was getting new phones!

Saturday afternoon I hosted a meetup event at Bedford Community in North Raleigh. We had a good turnout and the weather was beautiful! My friend Steve Quinney provided the entertainment with his buddy Jay on guitar.

Last night Ken & I sat in the garage & drank beer & listened to the radio. Nothing new there, huh? One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night :-)

Sundays are usually quiet, and today was no exception. I lazed around watching Lifetime movies, spent a while on the phone with my sister Deborah, and checked out lots of photo albums on myspace.

So how hard was that? Did I bore you to tears? Oh well, maybe something worth writing about just won't come to me every day.

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