Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Already, Seriously?

Good grief! The Raleigh Christmas parade is this Saturday. 101.5 is playing Christmas music already. It's too early, isn't it? Actually, I just realized today that I only have 2 more paychecks before Christmas - YIKES!

I like shopping online. In previous and more plentiful years (not too recent, actually), I completed all of my Christmas shopping online. Not only was it great to avoid the crowded malls, it sort of felt like my own little mini-Christmas morning every time the UPS man came to the door.

How about you? Are you shopping online? Is so, why not help me out and access Amazon through my blog. You can start your "search" for the perfect gifts in the upper right hand corner, or just click HERE. My commission won't increase your prices, and Amazon is a super-easy and trusted place to shop on the web.

I'm hoping to write some more Christmas shopping hubs soon. My Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls published October 15 has nearly 1000 views! Help me out - leave a comment and tell me what would you really, really, really like for Christmas?

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