Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Early Father's Day Blog

I'm terrible about taking my dad for granted. It just occurred to me--today--as I was thinking about all of the essays I've written about my grandparents, and all the mother-daughter themes I've explored in my various essays and journals, that I've never really written about my dad. And make no mistake--I love my dad! I love spending time with my dad! He is smart, witty, and entertaining. And then it hit me--I probably owe him as much as anyone for my writing interest!

Daddy is a storyteller. I can't even begin to compete with his storytelling capabilities, so I'm not trying to recap any of the tall tales he shares with us. But he definitely has a way with words, and while I don't share the same oral capabilites, certainly his cleverness has helped influence my writing, at least my desire to share stories!

Here's to you, Daddy, a big THANK YOU and early Happy Father's Day!


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