Monday, May 5, 2008

Wierd Dreams!

We had a great weekend--out late every night, lots of company, good food, plenty of beer :-) Sunday was our recovery day. We slept in and then napped, so we expected to have a hard time sleeping Sunday night.

At 4 am, the smoke detector woke us up...well, the adults anyway. Ken and I jumped out of bed and headed down the stairs. My sister had been on the couch, unable to sleep, and she called up to reassure us, "I don't know why it's going off, there's nothing wrong." By the time we made it to the first floor, the alarm shut itself off. We did a quick inspection of all of the downstairs rooms and headed back to bed. I remembered a recent news report about smoke detectors being ineffective with children and teens and decided to check on my sleeping daughter...sure enough, she was still out cold. The noise did not wake her up.

No surprise that I couldn't get back to sleep, huh? Disturbing enough that we seem to have a malfunctioning smoke detector, even worse that the report was true--I can't depend on the alarm to wake my daughter and step kids.

I seem to remember my dreams more often when I sleep fitfully, and this was no exception. First I dreamed about my darling kitten, Lucy...well, her and a bunch of look alikes! We were living in the basement of some sort of dorm. Lucy got outside, somehow, and when I caught her, there was another kitten that looked just like her--white with a tiny grey thumbprint on her head. I scooped up both kittens and brought them inside, and considered that Ken was going to be upset we now had two kittens.

Next there was some kind of registration for a drama class happening in our dorm basement living space, and there were FOUR look alike kittens, only one was dead, and had it's tail chopped off. There was lots of confusion with all of the people registering for the class. I was frantically trying to dust and clean, and was worried because we were not supposed to have pets in the dorm. We were all trying to figure out which kitten was Lucy, and I was beginning to worry that it was the dead cat.

Next I found myself on a "field trip" with the drama students (adults, by the way). We traveled through an area I knew, but ended in a strange destination where people's homes were situated on a series of canals. Boardwalks took the place of side walks, and residents had decorated the walkways with vairous potted plants. Some were so cluttered you could barely get down the walk, and we came to a point where you could hardly get by in the "public" section of the walkway because the plants were very closely placed cacti. My legs were full of needles and I was damaging the plants just trying to make my way through the cactus maze. A resident instructued us to use the "private" decks rather than the walkways and we came to a more open area where the canals interesected. Some of us were waiting for others to catch up when we noticed a giant snake swimming through the water. Other smaller snakes were here and there, in the water and on the boardwalks. Eventually the large snake swam up to the audience and stretched up out of the water to reveal that it was a man in costume! He gave us his sales pitch, encouraging us to hire him by the hour to freak out our friends by swimming in nearby bodies of water.

WIERD. My sister had just found out about the death of her dog (he had been living with her former roommate) before we went to bed, so I sort of understand the part about Lucy and suspecting she was dead, but I have no idea where the rest of the craziness came from!

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