Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've Been BUSY!

I'm never really sure how much to write about my job online. In part I worry about accidently divulging proprietary information, and in part I worry about saying something that might offend my employer. So, in very generic terms, I've been getting busy and enjoying my job lately!

I'm currently involved in documenting some new processes for my team. I was asked to train for a new position as a back-up person, but it is beginning to look like the new position will be busy enough to justify two bodies. I hope it isn't too long before it is a full transition to the new job.

The downside of having an improvement in "working for the man" is that I have neglected my own ventures. Today I recycled several old artices for HubPages.. I also learned I've actually earned a few pennies! I really haven't worked very hard on the backlinking part of this process. I need to update my "social networking" accounts and start spending more time on forums where people might be interested in my articles. It is nice to see that even without such effort, my articles are generating a little money.

I'm almost as blurry-eyed after today's writing flurry as I have been every night this week. I had the late shift, and with the new job stuff, I've really had pretty concentrated work in front of the computer. I think I'll call it a day now and spend a little time in front of that other screen...watching the race :-)

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