Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camille, the World Traveler, is Home!

She made it back safe and sound! Her first words to me (while I was almost hugging the life out of her) were, "What kind of mom gets all her hair cut while her daughter is out of the country?" Ha Ha! I told her I updated my facebook photo just so she would recognize me, but at one Euro for 15 minutes online at the internet cafe, she didn't check in as much as I'd hoped she would.

In spite of a bit of bad luck (they lost everyone's luggage on the way there,and someone broke into her hotel room in Paris), Camille had a grand time. I'm sure I'll be hearing more about it. We only talked an hour or so when she got home, and she's at her dad's for the rest of the weekend. I haven't even seen the pictures yet. She couldn't wait to show me all the cool clothes she bought, though!

Now, maybe my writer's block will go away! I been able to write or think about anything but her!

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