Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camille is in France!

I have to write a retraction of my recent hub, Approaching an Empty Nest. I was totally unprepared for what a "baby" I would be when my "baby" headed across the Atlantic Ocean.

It started Sunday night. Ken & I took a ride Saturday to eastern NC to look at houses. When Camille got home Sunday night, she asked why we were looking at houses in Jamesville and informed me, "YOU CAN'T MOVE AWAY! I HAVE ANOTHER YEAR LEFT!"

After she went to bed, I boo-whoo'd my way through my journals from my trip to Great Britain when she was only three. I'm very excited for her, and I wouldn't say I am worried, just ridiculously emotional.

Her flight out from RDU was delayed last night, so I was able to keep in touch via text message for a while. She sounded fine, of course, and she called me when they finally made it to DC. She said they were "power walking" through the airport and she had to pee and was afraid she wouldn't have time before they boarded again. But she sounded good.

Today is Doug's birthday so he got the first call from France - and he missed it! But he called to tell me she had left a voice mail, she sounded good and in a hurry, and they lost her luggage!!! Poor thing!

I hope she makes it to an internet cafe soon and catches us all up with some details. I know she will be home before I can blink, and if she was home she wouldn't be here...she'd be off with her friends. But I miss her!

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Donna Campbell Smith said...

I missed you like crazy when you went to Great Britian - and you'd been grown up a long time! It is so exciting, but she seems so far away, too.