Saturday, December 5, 2009

About Time!

I've neglected not only this blog but ALL of my writing for nearly 6 months! Why? Oh, I could find dozens of excuses, but why bother. It's just time to get started again!

The big news lately is our pending move. We've bought a house in Plymouth. I never would have believed, even just a couple of years ago, that I would be moving back home. And even when I started toying with the idea a year or so ago, I never thought it would happen this soon!

We are excited, but still sort of stressed, too. Buying a house is nerve-wracking, and we had plenty of bumps along the way that might have made good blog material if the whole process wasn't so competitive. That, and my husband particularly likes his privacy - which limits my public blog material :-)

My sister, Julia, is bringing Dad's trailer up tonight and we will move the first load of stuff tomorrow. The final move won't be until the end of January. We have a few things we want to do in the house, like restoring the hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms, before we completely move in. I'll be keeping Julia busy for the next couple of months! For those who don't already know, Julia is the bomb at everything home improvement related. I'm a lucky sister :)

There. It's a start. Just like the moving and the Christmas preparation and pretty much any other big job in my life, it all gets done a little at a time. Likely, this post will lead to another - in less than six months!

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