Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy (Belated) New Year!

What a busy holiday this year! Time just flies. We all had a good, good time, but it didn't feel like enough of a break. I'm super busy at work (not complaining though, not in this economy!).

I had one of those strange dreams last night. I was riding in a pickup truck with my mother - in the back of the truck, actually. She was driving and I was talking to her through the back window. We were riding on some country roads reminiscent of my childhood, and wildlife was everywhere - especially deer. I was looking forward, trying to help her spot the deer so one wouldn't run unexpectedly in front of the truck when a saw a huge bear barrelling along the side of the road. I tried to point it out, but Mama wasn't seeing it. I was yelling, "Slow down, slow down," and "Hand me my purse so I can get some video!" But by the time she slowed we were right next to it, then just ahead. It started running after us and in my sleep I felt it reach out and scratch my hand. I woke myself up screaming, "GO! IT'S CHASING US!"

I guess I wasn't really screaming because my husband barely rolled over, but I know I at least said it out loud.

Where the heck did this wildlife theme come from? Dreams are funny things.

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