Sunday, February 1, 2009

Money Challenges

A few years ago, I started really trying to apply the Law of Attraction in my life. Someone shared the DVD, The Secret (Extended Edition)
with me long before it made it to Oprah. I haven't gotten rich yet, but the new attitude did seem to help. Now and then an unexpected check would show up in the mailbox at just exactly the right time. And at the very least I felt a lot less stressed when I was focusing on my prosperity instead of my lack.

These days with the failing economy on the news every night, it's a lot more difficult to keep my thoughts in the right place. Money just does not seem to stretch as far. This weekend it really hit me when I was paying my bills.

I get paid twice a month, and usually, the first paycheck goes a lot farther than the second paycheck. Not this month. My gas bill doubled. My daughter's cell phone had an unexpected $75 charge for "data." And my home phone bill had a $27.27 "third party charge."

As cold as it's been, I should not be that surprised by my gas bill. And I am grateful we have a warm home. The "data" charge I'm sure is a result of Camille trying to send pictures from her phone - and we had been told picture mail was included in our plan, but she's been having problems getting it to work. I called and added unlimited data for her for $15 a month, so that won't happen again. She can access Facebook from her phone now, too, so maybe she'll quit trying to bump me off of my computer! And I cancelled one of my extra home phone lines, which will save me about $25, so I'll be ahead in the telephone bills next time.

I wrote a hub about the $27.27. I won't go into that here since I can't figure out how to turn that one into a positive!

My goal for today is to renew my focus on the good things in my life. I'm going to put a sticky note back on my bathroom mirror, to "Think and feel grateful, every day." I'll browse through some of my favorite inspirational quotes. I'll take some time for me, to meditate and relax, before I host a Superbowl event for my support group.

I'll be grateful and giving, and I'll open myself up to receive more. It's really not that hard to do. After all the aggrevation of paying bills, the Universe "sent" me a free computer through freecycle. I bet something else nice is right around the corner :-)

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I'm also into LOA.

I got introduced to law of attraction via Dr Robert Anthony's "Know how to be Rich"

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