Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

It's not really my birthday until Friday, but I was born on Labor Day in 1966 so I still claim the holiday as my birthday. It usually works out pretty nicely having a weekend birthday :-) My sister, Deborah, treated me to a trip east and west. We headed east Wed hoping to get in a night of Outer Banks fishing, but tornado warnings followed us down Highway 64. We decided to just hang at my dad's in Jamesville for the night instead of fishing in bad weather. It was the first time all three of us sisters had been at my dad's in a long time, and we enjoyed it...until nearly 4 am! We played poker, Shut the Box (Buy it here: SHUT THE BOX Game - 12 Numbers - Casino Supplies > Accessories > Misc. Accessories), and music. Well, Daddy and Deborah played music, and I screeched along.

Friday I joined Deborah and Julia at the Bass Mountain Bluegrass Festival. I started going to Preddyfest every year with my husband 7 or 8 years ago, and in the last few years my dad and my sister, Julia, have gone as well. This year was Deborah's first Preddyfest, and now she is hooked on bluegrass festivals. Bass Mountain was different but a lot of fun. My husband says one festival a year is enough, so I think Bass Mountain might turn into the sister trip.

Ken and I had planned to go to the Outer Banks for my birthday next weekend, but it looks like Hanna is on her way. We've decided to stay home and spend less money. I usually treat myself to a pedicure for my birthday. I thought about going for it today, but decided I'll wait since we aren't going to the beach. I also have a little time capsule I put together last year, at the suggestion of my life coach, and I'm looking forward to pulling it out Friday for my "year in review". Maybe that will make a better hub than this one :-)

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