Thursday, April 14, 2011

Falling Behind, Catching Up

This will be one of those short, or maybe not short but rambling and disconnected, blog entries. I function in bursts of effeciency and productivity, especially when it comes to writing. Before I get too far behind on the blog, I decided to just write something.

I did finally finish and publish the hub about learning to play a musical instrument as an adult. It's the first hub I've published in nearly two years. It's also a bit more labor intensive than what I like to publish on hubpages, but I wanted to write it, and that is the beauty of writing for hubpages--I write whatever I want to write.

We also had a couple of major milestones in the Whitaker home this week - Ken turned 45 Tuesday and we 'celebrated' nine years of holy matrimony Wednesday. I thought having our anniversary the day after Ken's birthday would help us both remember it, and I guess it does, but we didn't really do anything special either day. I guess we are both just appreciating "normal" more these days, although I'm afraid we are probably getting a bit boring!

I'm going to challenge myself to do something interesting and write about it....soon.

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MamaK said...

Normal and boring are the benefits of being together so long. We're a couple of weeks away from 9 years as well, and I love being "old married folks" sitting on the couch, playing with the dogs, and loving life.