Sunday, May 17, 2009

HubChallenge Update

Just one week into the HubChallenge, and I've published 20 of the 30 hubs that I committed to! As I've progressed this week, it's crossed my mind a time or two that maybe I should have gone for the 100, but it's time for Preddyfest, and I don't think I'll be cranking 'em out this week.

Preddyfest is providing material for me though - my last 3 hubs, published today, were all inspired by the Franklinton Bluegrass festival. Daddy & Julie, Deborah, and Julia & Price are all there already. Ken & I went out for a short visit yesterday. We saw Rodney Preddy (the host of the event), and Wayne came over to play for a little bit. We waved at Debbie when we rode past their camp, and Deborah told me Johnny and Lucille were there, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the regulars, and of course to all the music! I'll probably have more fodder for hubs when I get back next weekend!

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