Saturday, April 11, 2009

Typing with One Hand

A broken arm hurts. And after the pain meds kick in, it's frustrating. Little things like buttoning my shirt (and I have to wear button-down shirts cuz I can't get my arm in a pull-over) take 2 or 3 times as long as they should. But even more frustrating to me is typing with one hand.

Not only is my job tougher, I feel like my creativity is blocked. I can't type as fast as I think. I'm starting to abbreviate, esp online, sounding like a texting teen. I'm thinking about adding a line to my email signature - please excuse the brevity & typos while my broken arm heals.

I'm trying to be positive. At least I didn't break my right arm. And maybe the need to slow down will teach me more patience. Maybe I'll learn to smell a few more flowers. Maybe my husband and my daughter will learn to do a few more chores around the house.

I'm thinking about buying a bunch of those no-slip adhesive thingies that you put in the bathtub and attaching them to the bottom of all of my shoes so I don't slip and fall again. So maybe my creativity isn't entirely gone, just detoured. My one-handed perspective might come in handy after all.

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