Monday, April 28, 2008

The "Network Marketing" method of Writing?

My friends all know I'm an Arbonne consultant. I signed up a couple of years ago, enthusiastically dreaming of the white Mercedes. Alas, the business just doesn't really seem to be for me, although I love the products, I love the people, and I've learned A LOT about myself. I'm also not automatically opposed to the MLM/network marketing method of distribution. I've read all of the pyramid scam accusations, and I do think that many MLM companies fail to recruit honestly, but overall, the pyramid in network marketing is no different than the typical corporate America organizational chart.

Again, I love Arbonne's products, and I have continued to use many of them. But for the most part, my "network" perceives the products to be too expensive. And I never became completely "Arbonnized" myself, primarily due to cost. I never consistently used the supplements, though I'm sure I could benefit from them. I loved the results of the anti-aging products, but I'm lazy and inconsistent. It's pretty tough to sell something that you haven't 100% bought yourself.

Since I started facing the reality that I wasn't suceeding with Arbonne, I've been through a variety of self-help exercises in search of my calling. Every career test I've ever taken in my life suggests I should be a writer. So a time or two I've tried to imagine how providing a writing service could work in a network marketing model.

I think I (sort of) found it! HubPages! I've been reading and researching all weekend, and I'm really sort of excited that this seems to be a viable way for me to earn extra money, and more importantly, to build a source of residual income. From the websites "About Us" page, "HubPages is the leading online publishing ecosystem with easy-to-use publishing tools, a vibrant author community and underlying revenue-maximizing infrastructure." The reason I'm comparing it to an MLM is because you can earn commissions from the writings of people whom you refer to the site.

If you are a writer and would like to experiment with HubPages yourself, get started at HubPages and sign up with me! Before you start posting your own "hubs", I strongly recommend you read all of the terms and conditions, not only at HubPages but also at Google. Basically, the money-making part of this comes from Google ads that are included in your articles. I'm also looking into getting the ads on my blog, too. I hestitate to post too much detail here...first because I'm still learning, and second I want to make absolutely sure I'm not breaking any toc rules!

I'll blog again about this subject I'm sure. I have lots to learn, but so far I'm enjoying my experiment in the world of online writing!

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